Project Details

  • Clients OMV
  • Team PSI
  • Services CPF & sites facilities
  • Category EPC Project

Located in




Scope of Work :

  • Dismantling activities, which includes decommissioning, cleaning and reinstatement of KHOULOUD-1, well site
  • Relocation of all equipment and material removed from KHOULOUD-1 wellsite to SHALBIA-1 wellsite
  • Erection of piping, valves, skids, E&I equipment, telecom equipment and any other material recovered from KHOULOUD-1 wellsite, and/or newly delivered by OMV in SHALBIA-1 wellsite
  • Upgrading of DTS ring 2 and ring 3 fiber optic network
  • Testing, mechanical completion and handover of all installations made at SHALBIA-1 well site.