Project Details

  • Clients ENI
  • Team PSI
  • Services CPF & sites facilities
  • Category EPC Project

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Scope of Work :

  • Equipment and Skids installation:
    Lifting installation and connection of : Aero, FCV Skid, Metering skid, PSV Skid, filter Skid, shilling Skid, Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver.
  • Piping WORKS:
    Piping Fitting & Welding, Hydro testing including all test equipment & recording equipment.
  • Electrical installation works:
    Electrical cables laying & connection and installation of: PVC, Cable gland , MCT , UPS , Power distribution panel, Lighting and Earthing.
  • Instrumentation installation works:
    Cable tray installation, Instrumentation cables laying & connection, Cable gland connection, and installation of: Instrument junction box, Instrument (PI, TI) and SDV, BDV & RO.